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Why Exterior Painting?

Faded Exterior House Paint

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Revitalize Your Home’s Paint Color

The color of your home is an important piece of your aesthetic, style and satisfaction with your home. Many local homeowners can spend many hours trying to choose the perfect color for their homes, and it can be disappointing to see that color fade over time.

Rhino Shield Texas wants every San Antonio homeowner to be fully confident in their property. Our experts have resolved the issue of faded exterior house paint for years. Read on to learn more about why your house paint may fade and the best solution when it happens.

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What Causes Faded Paint?

The exterior of our homes is constantly exposed to the elements, especially sunlight. Ultraviolet light breaks down the molecules in the paint resin. This causes them to break apart and the color to fade to a lighter or less vibrant shade.

UV rays can have an extremely damaging impact on exterior paint, specifically if it’s low-quality paint. Some paints are not created with very good UV-resistant properties, allowing the effects of the sun to be more severe.

To prevent some of the fading effects of UV exposure, paint should be created with additional pigments that absorb or reflect sunlight. This reduces the chances that the paint color will be worn down and fade.

Faded Exterior House Paint Repair

Rhino Shield Texas is proud to serve our San Antonio customers with the best solution to faded paint. Unfortunately, once the paint is already faded, there’s no faded paint restoration that can be done to bring the color back.

However, there is a better way to prevent the fading in the first place! If your exterior paint is faded and dingy, it’s time to look for a repainting service that will stand the test of time. Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating is made with five percent more pigments than traditional paint, contributing to increased protection from UV rays.

When you invest in ceramic coating for your exterior painting project, you can count on the exact color you pick for more than 25 years!

Pick Your Color — It’s Here To Stay!

Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating comes in a staggering 1,500+ colors. Don’t settle for just green or gray — select the exact pine shadow green or slate stone gray that fits your unique style. We’re able to match you with the color of your dreams. And the best part is that your home will stay vibrant and beautiful for years.

If you’re considering a traditional exterior painter, let Rhino Shield Texas give you a free estimate first. We’re confident that the benefits of ceramic coating will outshine your other options in no time.

Solve Faded Paint In San Antonio, TX

Faded, diminished paint doesn’t have to be your reality. Say goodbye to that disappointing shade and hello to a vibrant, long-lasting coating that you can be proud of. Rhino Shield Texas is proud to offer our San Antonio customers top-of-the-line solutions. That’s why our ceramic coating comes with a 25-year warranty.

Call on our team today to bring the color back into your life!

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Douglas B.

I was pleased with the RhinoShield coating on my house, so when I had my deck rebuilt, I wanted RhinoShield on the deck posts. They were very responsive to the deck schedule and did a great job! I also like that they support Texas Public Radio with a business membership.

Sandra B.

Best decision ever. Owner of River City Gymnastics this product has brought my a/c bill down and my gym is much cooler. I put on the roof of my 10,000 sq ft gym. Thank u, Rhino Shield

Valerie D.

Excellent service! The workers were polite and professional, addressed all of my concerns, arrived on time and provided high-quality results. In the recent hail storm, I received no damage. The paint is remarkable. I wish I would have found this 10 years ago. I will definitely use them again.

Ginger S.

Rhino Shield Texas did a beautiful job painting our house and deck. The product is a good value and looks great. Danny and Juan did a fantastic job with the application- everything was well done, and they were pleasant and professional. Very easy to deal with.