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About Us

San Antonio & Austin’s Exterior Painting Company

Meet Rhino Shield Texas!

Rhino Shield Texas is proud to be Austin & San Antonio’s number-one exterior painting team! Our unique ceramic coating paint, a strong team of specialists and commitment to exceptional customer experience allow us to serve homeowners in the area with residential exterior painting services that can’t be beat. We are proudly Veteran Owned and our products are made in the United States.

When your home’s exterior paint is flaking, peeling or fading, it’s time to invest in a solution that stands the test of time. Our paint is superior, allowing you peace of mind for more than 20 years! Plus, every interaction you have with our team is guaranteed to be pleasant and helpful. Learn more about our mission, and book an appointment with us today!

Our Success Is Due To Our Specialists

A key element of the Rhino Shield business model is our network of certified independent house painters. Rhino Shield house painters have exclusive rights to each market, and each new house painter is carefully screened for home improvement experience and a quality reputation.

Many apply, but few are accepted. Once selected, the corporate team continuously trains the dealer team on how to market and install Rhino Shield correctly and consistently. Rhino Shield house painters are typically A-rated with the BBB and Angie’s List in the San Antonio and Austin house painting market. Rhino Shield Corporate also surveys customers in a dealer’s market to monitor customer service and satisfaction.

All of these processes are put in place so that you know the expert painters who show up to your house are the best of the best!

The History Of Rhino Shield Texas

With some of these other house painting companies, innovation is here today and gone tomorrow. That’s not the case with Rhino Shield. Founded in 2000, Rhino Shield has grown every year since its inception and is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry — and a permanent alternative to house painting.

Rhino Shield had one simple goal when founding the company: To provide the most durable and longest-lasting ceramic wall coating product to end the repainting cycle, once and for all. To other house painters’ dismay, we’ve succeeded!

For many years, vinyl siding was the only alternative to costly exterior wall repainting. Knowing that ceramics were the key to providing durability and solar ray reflectivity and that breathability was the essential characteristic needed to guarantee that durability, Rhino Shield product development began.

After consulting with top chemists and manufacturing partners and investing over a year in R&D, the Rhino Shield system was born. Utilizing the latest in elastomeric ceramic technology, the Rhino Shield system was and has been thoroughly tested by leading outside testing laboratories, including the renowned BASF Laboratories. Lab testing combined with extensive field testing over the last 11 years has scientifically confirmed the durability and insulation benefits of the Rhino Shield system.

Our Core Values

It can be tough to find home services you trust to do the job right. To guide our business, we subscribe to a straight-forward set of values to which we hold ourselves and our dealers accountable:

  • Highest quality
  • Unquestioned integrity
  • Honesty
  • Best-in-class customer satisfaction
  • Superior product innovation

We continue to strive to maintain our presence in the ceramic coatings market. As a result of our relentless focus on product improvements and rigorous attention to product testing, we’re confident you’ll find the Rhino Shield system to be the best choice to protect your home or business from destructive outside elements.

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Say goodbye to the wishy-washy performance of other exterior painters in San Antonio. Let Rhino Shield show you the true meaning of customer service AND what your exterior home paint should be providing you!

Rhino Shield Texas is rated 4.7 based on 46 reviews online

Douglas B.

I was pleased with the RhinoShield coating on my house, so when I had my deck rebuilt, I wanted RhinoShield on the deck posts. They were very responsive to the deck schedule and did a great job! I also like that they support Texas Public Radio with a business membership.

Sandra B.

Best decision ever. Owner of River City Gymnastics this product has brought my a/c bill down and my gym is much cooler. I put on the roof of my 10,000 sq ft gym. Thank u, Rhino Shield

Valerie D.

Excellent service! The workers were polite and professional, addressed all of my concerns, arrived on time and provided high-quality results. In the recent hail storm, I received no damage. The paint is remarkable. I wish I would have found this 10 years ago. I will definitely use them again.

Ginger S.

Rhino Shield Texas did a beautiful job painting our house and deck. The product is a good value and looks great. Danny and Juan did a fantastic job with the application- everything was well done, and they were pleasant and professional. Very easy to deal with.