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Painting Metal Siding

Make metal siding work for you with Rhino Shield!

Quality Metal Siding Ceramic Coatings

Choose Rhino Shield For Efficient Metal Siding Paint Alternatives

When looking for a durable siding option for your home, many homeowners tend to gravitate towards metal. This material is a top contender for homes in San Antonio, with options ranging from steel to copper. The sleek look of this siding comes in a variety of styles, all of which can be enhanced with the ceramic coatings offered by Rhino Shield Texas.

Our company offers top-notch exterior coating services for brick homes, stucco, siding and more in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We aim to help residents of these communities make informed decisions about their homes. The elements our products offer make them an efficient choice for your residence.

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Why Choose Rhino Shield Texas To Paint Metal Siding?

At Rhino Shield Texas, innovation is the fuel to our fire. Our company stays ahead of the curve by using efficient technology that benefits your home. Rhino Shield products utilize ceramic nanotechnology in a microspheric form. Our high-quality ceramics have a low breakage rate, making them a reliable option for protecting your home.

Not only does our team use the power of science to safeguard your home, but we also go above and beyond to meet your needs! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re prepared to answer your questions and provide solutions that fulfill your needs. You can count on Rhino Shield Texas for a superior exterior coating experience.

How Does Ceramic Coating Protect Metal Siding?

Rhino Shield coatings provide many advantages for a wide range of exterior materials. However, they offer specific protective advantages for homes with metal siding. It’s crucial to understand how our products can serve your home’s exterior, helping you get the most from the material.

Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions

While metal siding is durable, it can experience slight damage from certain weather conditions. Hail and windblown debris can come into contact with this material. This issue can cause the affected area to scratch.

Our ceramic coatings contain additives that protect your exterior from harsh weather. These products contain more solids than traditional paints, making them thicker and more durable. They have a high wind tolerance, waterproofing features and a Class A fire rating. With our products, your siding will be protected from flaking, peeling and cracking for years to come.

Prevents Early Fading

If you live in San Antonio, withstanding the intense Texas sun is likely second nature. However, this ability isn’t quite as simple for metal siding. The finishes on metal exteriors are prone to fading over time, especially with exposure to UV rays. This issue can impact your home’s aesthetics, lowering its curb appeal.

Luckily, Rhino Shield Texas offers a dependable solution to this problem! Our products are an effective alternative to traditional paints, which are primarily made of water. This factor makes conventional paint thinner and more prone to flaking. Our range of color choices can withstand UV rays, preventing premature fading.

Benefits Of Using Rhino Shield Coatings To Paint Metal Siding

The ceramic coating options offered by Rhino Shield Texas are the key to achieving an efficient home. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional quality, both in our products and services. When you choose our team to coat your home’s exterior, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Energy efficiency — Rhino Shield products improve insulation and reduce unnecessary energy loss.
  • Aesthetic enhancements — With over 1,500 colors to choose from, our coatings will help you improve your home’s curb appeal.
  • Long-lasting application — Our products protect your home’s exterior for at least 25 years.
  • Eco-friendly product use — The ceramic coatings offered by Rhino Shield are nontoxic and contain low levels of VOCs.
  • Cost-savings — The insulation properties and protective elements in our products prevent high energy bills and a need for frequent repainting.

Rhino Shield Texas stands as a trusted provider of exterior coating services in San Antonio. With our skill and expertise, you can trust your home is in good hands!

Safeguard Your Space With Rhino Shield Texas

When the time comes to give your home the upgrade it deserves, turn to Rhino Shield Texas for assistance! Our ceramic coatings are the best choice for improving and protecting your exterior. Reach out to our team today to schedule your next metal siding coating!

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Douglas B.

I was pleased with the RhinoShield coating on my house, so when I had my deck rebuilt, I wanted RhinoShield on the deck posts. They were very responsive to the deck schedule and did a great job! I also like that they support Texas Public Radio with a business membership.

Sandra B.

Best decision ever. Owner of River City Gymnastics this product has brought my a/c bill down and my gym is much cooler. I put on the roof of my 10,000 sq ft gym. Thank u, Rhino Shield

Valerie D.

Excellent service! The workers were polite and professional, addressed all of my concerns, arrived on time and provided high-quality results. In the recent hail storm, I received no damage. The paint is remarkable. I wish I would have found this 10 years ago. I will definitely use them again.

Ginger S.

Rhino Shield Texas did a beautiful job painting our house and deck. The product is a good value and looks great. Danny and Juan did a fantastic job with the application- everything was well done, and they were pleasant and professional. Very easy to deal with.